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Everyday is something new at T&G Sales

​We have the distinct pleasure of working with some of  the finest companies in the world and they are right here in our back yard.  We have nearly 45 years of applications under our belt and we are certain we can help you solve your process issues. 


T&G is always adding exceptional companies to the list of people we serve. 

May we add your company to our list?

Some of the Companies we serve
  • Ford Motor Co.                                                              ...and many, many more.

  • Daimler - Chrysler

  • Swagelok

  • General Motors

  • Parker-Hannifin Corp.

  • General Electric Consumer Products

  • Pneumatic Scale

  • MP Technologies

  • Bearing Distributors, Inc.

  • Eveready Battery

  • Steris Corp.

  • Kase Equip. Corp.                      

  • Cleveland Deburring Machines

  • Setech Corp.

  • Wooster Brush

  • Desco Equip. Corp.

  • Motion Industries

  • Go-Jo Industries

  • Great Lakes Automation

  • Meadville Forge

  • Foerster Systems, Inc.

  • The Taylor-Winfield Corp.

  • Ben-Venue Laboratories

  • Abbott Laboratories

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