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About us

     Since 1969 T&G has been the vital link between industry and the suppliers of automation technology.
We are sales professionals. This means that we have the knowledge to help our customers evaluate their needs as well as the tools to make sure those needs are met.
It means we have the reputation of being able to quickly solve the problems that others say simply can't be solved. It means bridging those solutions from various manufacturers in a way that is as elegant as it is efficient.
     Our reputation prevents us from offering anything but good advice, outstanding products, and unexcelled services to our customers.
Our customers are an elite group of survivors. Every year, the demands of tighter budgets and the expectation of having to increase production with fewer resources have made doing business that much more difficult.
     That's where T&G comes in. With service that goes way beyond what anyone would rightfully expect, and the ability to solve the impossible, we've earned a pretty good reputation.
And there's a fringe benefit too. In all of this time we've been fortunate in that our customers have also become our friends.
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